Random thought

Now that Nate is practicing standing up and “walking” while holding on to furniture, it has become an everyday battle to keep our stainless appliances and balcony door free of fingerprints and stickiness. Some days, however, I get emotional and teary-eyed at the sight of little handprints a couple feet off the ground. I almost don’t […]

Updates Galore

We’ve hit several major milestones lately. Consequently the entire month of July was as challenging as it was exciting. July 1st, Nate had one of his top teeth break through. Three more weren’t very far behind, and came in with quite a bang. Nate has been cranky, frustrated, in pain and not napping very well. […]

1/3 of a year

My little man is four months old today. I still can’t wrap my head around making it past the first week as a parent and here we are at four months. The past month has been an amazing journey in and of itself. I resigned from my job and became (for the time being) a […]

On the mend

Yesterday was a tough day. I finally admitted to myself that I have a problem. After weeks of suspecting but not wanting to know the truth, I nervously googled post partum depression/anxiety symptoms and my heart sank as I repeatedly checked them off on every site I looked up. I held Nate close as I sobbed […]

Babies = bodily fluids everywhere.

You’d think that after 7 weeks of being the mother of a little boy I would have figured out how to change his diaper without a peeing accident. He’s a tricky little guy though. 99.9% of the time (a round figure, of course) I can leave him “al fresco” long enough to wipe him clean […]

37.5 Weeks

My son is full term now. It’s the most surreal feeling in the world. For so long I’ve been hoping and praying he would make it to this point. There are so many milestones along the way that you pray for with every fiber of your being during pregnancy. Dear God, please let this be a […]