Updates Galore

We’ve hit several major milestones lately. Consequently the entire month of July was as challenging as it was exciting.

July 1st, Nate had one of his top teeth break through. Three more weren’t very far behind, and came in with quite a bang. Nate has been cranky, frustrated, in pain and not napping very well. Right around the same time, he started experiencing some serious separation anxiety. Figuring out how to army crawl and move into a sitting position on his own were the two fabulous cherries on top.

All of this took quite the toll on Nate’s sleeping abilities, both getting to and staying asleep. His days have been very touch and go as well. Mommy walking away from him results in total devastation. A few weeks back, he would dramatically and slowly army crawl in my direction while crying at the top of his lungs. He would then stop in his tracks in complete and utter defeat and plant his face into the hardwood, sobbing until I came to rescue him. He’d be happy as a clam playing as long as I was within a foot radius of him. Any farther would turn him into a sobbing, screeching mess.

Things got considerably easier during the last week of July. He was back to giving me longer stretches of sleep at night (10 pm – 3 am) and was back to taking hour and a half and sometimes (gasp!) two hour naps. He even went back to being able to fall asleep with just a back rub/patting and the help of his favorite bedtime puppy.

Then this week hit and it was like having a newborn in the house again. He was cranky and clingy all day. He would fight every nap and on the worst night a couple nights ago, teething tablets wouldn’t even keep him from waking up every hour to hour and a half, crying and uncomfortable. Yesterday we finally caught a break and he took 2 four hour naps during the day and slept from 7:30 – 10, woke up when I came into bed and nursed a bit, slept from 10  – 3 am again (bless his little heart!) and then did his usual light sleep until 6:45 or so. I feel like a new woman today.

We’ve been working on trying to get Nate to drink from a sippy cup. Or any container that is not attached to my body, for that matter. Our “time alone as a couple” options are quite limited if I have to be present for his big feedings. He’s been doing pretty well with BLW lately but teething definitely took a toll on his interest in solids. His grasp is becoming more refined, so he is able to pick up smaller pieces of food. Now, what has become more of an issue is his habit of wanting to shove as much food in his mouth as he can and then not being able to swallow any of it. I have to let him work with one or two pieces at a time and once he’s done, I can give him more.

Steve and will be going on a trip to the Bahamas in February, so hopefully by that time he’ll have the solids and drinking out of a cup skills down pat by that time. (At nearly 15 months, I should hope so!)

We’ve been really trying to focus on giving me more “ME” time lately as well. Steve has been taking Nate out for day outings; shopping, going for walks, going out for lunch, etc. while I take time out for myself to go to yoga classes, cook, clean, (yes, I find that enjoyable when I don’t have a baby tugging at my skirt to pick him up!) read, take long showers … basically whatever I feel like. I can’t believe how much I took those things for granted before I had him. Such is life.

I also joined an online book club and am currently reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed at the moment . That is one thing I am getting out of Nate’s extreme clinginess as of late. I spend a lot of time lying in bed with him and comforting him/nursing him and this is the perfect time for me to break out my Nook and read. It’s a fantastic way to unwind in the middle of sometimes hectic and frustrating days.

I can’t believe he will be 9 months old in a week and a half. I seriously have no idea where the time has gone. Thinking of planning a birthday party for him is making me queasy and anxious as well as excited.


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